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Sephardic Certificate via Genealogical Research

Our research seeks to reencounter  those family ties, to find information about your ancestors in order to develop your family tree. During our research we consult historical archives, civil records, parish records, or any document relevant to genealogical research that can aid in finding the Sephardic ancestry.

This research is what is needed to begin the process to obtain the Portuguese Citizenship or Spanish Citizenship

Frequently utilized by most of our customers, this service has been essential to success on many occasions. 

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Geneological Study

Our research is conducted in order to gather all the necessary information to prove Sephardic ancestry.


Cost $500 USD  


Preliminary Study

If our experts are unaware of any Sephardic connection, we offer a preliminary study. This research is conducted to explore the viability of concrete proof of Sephardic ancestry.


Cost $300 USD 

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